At the beginning of the 1980s the rock star Peter Gabriel, a former member of the group Genesis, started to collaborate with musicians from other continents and cultures. In the late 80s he founded „Real World Records“ to give those musicians the opportunity to produce and distribute their music under the same conditions as their colleagues from Europe.

Peter Gabriel considers it one of his most important goals to break the frontier between „us“ and „them“. This conviction corresponds with his work as musician, artist, and music producer, and has lead to a widespread social and political commitment. „Real World Records“ now celebrates its 20th anniversary. The directors Dieter Zeppenfeld and Georg Maas take a close look at the visions of Peter Gabriel and how they have developed over the years.

„If money wasn’t a problem, if talent wasn’t a problem, if time wasn’t a problem: What would you do? Whatever might be your answer – this is what you should do. Even if something goes wrong, you did something that meant something to you. Only with that energy that comes from your heart you can achieve something positive.“ (Peter Gabriel)